Covered Butter Dishes - Rainbow Trout

$ 45.00


No need to refrigerate these butter dishes. Our house stays between 68 and 75 degrees year-round. We discovered that a quarter pound stick of butter stays fresh on the table for a week or more with the cover in place.

Hand-cast and hand-finished terracotta butter dishes with rich majolica glazes and a variety of sculpted handles - the Breaching Dolphin, The Rainbow Trout, the Melting Butter with the handmade rosewood butter knife and our classic Triple Knob handle.

Dishwasher safe and each signed and a super gift. Available in our variety of knob designs and glazes. About 5.5” long and 3” tall.


"My friend loved the butter dish!  Thanks for being such a great company to do business with."

"Stan,  Thanks for asking! It arrived safe and sound. Love it!

Thank you"

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